Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Back

It has been way too long since I last posted, but I have been busy(ish). I went back to work. After 10 years at home I am back in the work force. Ironically, I was hired as a writing tutor for one of the public schools here, and with all the theory and content I've been brushing up on, I keep on thinking...ooooh I should really use that in my blog.
Anyhoots, I have had many many "seed ideas" to quote writing guru Lucy Calkins, (not to be confused with "watermelon stories") and want to just get down a few blurbs to try to get myself back on course.
  • I like working. Shocking as it is. I don't actually miss the wasted time I spent lying on the couch cranking out 2 loads of laundry and emptying the dishwasher and letting the rest of the house go to hell. For so long I was completely paralyzed by a combination of laziness and feeling overwhelmed. I do miss the freedom to go where I want to and when, but I am definitely learning to budget my time more wisely. I feel smart mostly, but when I feel dumb at work I want to cry, then I usually do cry at home, and wish that my husband will just tell me, "don't worry babe, you were a kick-ass homemaker". But he won't. And he'd be lying. I do wish however that people who also work part-time would think twice about telling me how proud they are of me for getting a job (screw you! you can get a job, but i can't?) or telling me that I look like a grown up when I am dressed for work. (really.)
  • I am obsessed with Pinterest. I have to admit that it sucks alllll of my time and has definitely kept me from precious writing time.
  • It makes me sad that my friend who has bi-racial children feels that people rarely give her kids the benefit of the doubt about whether or not they should set up playdates with their own children. Many people kind of make sure that they are friends with the "right people" before they give them a chance. When I think about all of  the things I worry for my own kids, to have to worry about something like that just breaks my heart. Truly.
  • I got to meet Karin Diamond of I gushed and carried on about how inspiring she is to me as a person and a writer. I felt like a complete goofball afterward, but don't care. I was as big of a dork as I was when I met Kelly Corrigan.
  • I have had a knock-down drag out with my annoying neighbors. We are putting up a fence and I cannot wait. It is because of the tree. That story is for another day.
Well, it's a start.